An overview of all our UKISC Programs and Camps

Technical Training Program

For soccer organizations and clubs. A complete A to Z package customized to your needs; designed by you and implemented by us.

Soccer Tots

UK Internationals Soccertots program introduces soccer in a fun-filled, magical environment to 4 and 5-year-old boys and girls.

Fun In The Sun

The Fun in the Sun program is an exciting camp, helping to build a child’s confidence and teach the fundamental skills.

Skills & Thrills

Skills ‘n’ Thrills is a program focused on technical development and skills building in a stimulating environment.

Compete With Your Feet

Compete With Your Feet will place your child in challenging game related situations to enhance technical and tactical knowledge.


The YDP Program allows players more experienced players to be technically and tactically challenged at a high level. Aspects of nutrition, sports psychology, and flexibility & sports injuries are covered in this program.

Premier Position

The Premier Position program develops player’s technical and tactical components of the game while being trained functionally to the requirements of their position.

Team Advanced

The Team Advanced program provides a pre season or pre tournament camp with a view to preparing teams for the coming season.

Soccer & Science

Soccer and Science is a pre season conditioning camp that provides the physical benefits, and combines a more rounded education covering the theoretical components of the game.

Residential Academy

The Residential Academy is an intense and demanding program for the serious soccer player. Team, individual and goalkeeper programs are available.

1 On 1 Instruction

We can provide one hour of 1 on 1 or small group coaching (up to 4 players per coach) with one of our qualified staff. The instruction is customized to your child's individual needs in conjunction with your program. You choose the coach and time, schedule permitting.

This is not available at all program locations. Check your program information for more details.




Soccer Matters

A dedicated online resource, where coaches and parents can access our educational newsletter and informative podcast with coaching sessions, coaching tips, health & nutrition, topical discussions and much, much more.




AYSO Soccer Camps

UK International Soccer Camps are the Official Camp Provider of AYSO Soccer Camps. The program combine the unique philosophies of AYSO, with the best professional soccer camp coaching to provide quality skills training in the supportive, player-friendly environment for which AYSO’s is renowned for.


Cultural Exchange Camp (4-18)

Hand-picked British coaches communicate our customized curriculum through an international journey of British soccer facts, history and cultural exchange...a truly unique cultural learning environment.