I just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had hosting UK coaches for the first time last month. My husband and I had always wanted to host, but this was the first time we had the space. We had two coaches, Phil and Sam, for a week and they were so fun to have around. They were both great with my 10 and 4 year old boys that Sam even got up early to come and watch my 10 year old play soccer on a Sunday morning! My dad is originally from London and I thought this would be a great way to expose my boys to more of the culture and I am glad we did. We will definitely sign up to host next summer.

Janel and John Anderson
Chula Vista, CA



My name is Brad King. My family just had the distinct pleasure of being the host family for Michael Godby this past week. Stewart, I would like it known that we have the upmost appreciation for your organization and what you represent. Michael was very respectful, appreciative and professional in his endeavor as a representative for your company. You could not ask for a better young man, as we were all proud to meet him and involve him in our family activities. I am sure it will be remembered by the both of us for many years to come as we intend on keeping in touch in the future.

I will say it was sad for us to part as we managed to do a lot in one week to create a bond that may have surprised us all. I cannot imagine what it must be like for these young men to travel, as they do, representing company and culture in such a respectful manner only to move on to another family week by week. The anxiety and lack of down time for one's self could take its toll on a lesser individual.

Brad King and family
Sisters, Oregon


As a first time host of UK International Soccer coaches, we we're a little hesitant as this would be a totally new experience for us. However, after meeting the two young men (Barry & Jonny) who would be living with us during the week, we became very relaxed. These men were very polite, respectful and well mannered. During the week, we also got to know the rest of the coaches (Marc, John, Steven & Craig). The same can be said about each of them. Our philosophy was they were all welcomed in our home and encouraged not to think of themselves as visitors but family. We believe we have made life long friends with each of them and hopefully they will return for a visit in the future. You should know that our youngest daughter cried when the coaches departed on Sunday. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit, and actually became a little more educated on the countries they reside in. Please consider us for hosting coaches for future clinics. We would be extremely happy if we could get the same coaches in the future but understand if not. We hosted two but believe we could accommodate four comfortably for any future clinics. We observed some of the clinics during the week and can honestly say the kids were very attentive, excited and thrilled with the coaches. A great time and learning experience for all that attended.


Michael & Sara Burkhardt
Keedysville, MD



We had a great time with Jenna and the other 3 coaches. My son and I where able to take them to do touristy fun things on the island. Jenna was a wonderful girl. Thank you so much for sending her to us! I am very happy we did the camp and feel confident going into our first season because of it.

Debbie, West Oahu, HI



I wanted to let you know what a delight Coach Jenna Young has been with our family this week. My girls have fallen in love with her and will not let her out of their sight! She has been so polite, fun, interesting and so amazing with the kids. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to host a female and to introduce us to Jenna! If I could have her back next week I would absolutely do it.


Erin, Huntington Beach, CA



We had a great week with Ben. He is the nicest guy, so respectful and polite and even cooked my family and extended family a traditional English dinner (even paid for all the food)!it was wonderful. We want to extend my in laws home in the near future (fall soccer season) for housing for Ben. He is always welcome! My son had a great week at camp and will have another week of camp next week as well. So glad we had the opportunity to host this year! It was fun for my family to meet and get to know somebody from across the world!

Rita, Ladera Ranch, CA

I wanted to personally tell you what a wonderful young man our coach Chris Crampton was. So polite and thoughtful, a real gentlemen. He was like part of the family in fact I would adopt him and keep him all to ourselves if he would have us. We would be happy to host him again and again. Harry Wilhoit although did not stay with us, was here on Friday for a BBQ and swimming was also so kind and considerate. These boys work so hard and were conscientious and responsible. I cant wait to see them again we are trying to arrange for them to join us at the Norco Rodeo on the 26th of this month. Too bad they got transferred so far away they could have stayed with us the rest of the time. Please keep our information for next year. We are more than willing to help. Hopefully Chris will be coming back next year and be able to stay here with us.

Pam Neice and family, CA

I just wanted to tell you that our camp in La Center, Washington three weeks ago was AMAZING!!!!! I know my son had a great time learning all kindes of new soccer moves. The other children did to by there faces at the end of the day! :) We got to host coach Dayle Childs. Dayle was awesome with my twin boys. My twins kept dayle busy by always asking him to play soccer/or pokeman with them. It was also great to have an older child in our house. Dayle/the other boys were very respectful, polite, thoughtful and a gentlemans. If I could I would keep him all to ourselves. My twins fall in love with dayle. They told me that they wish he could stay and be there big brother. :) It was also good to take Dayle and the other coaches to the Timbers Soccer game. I know that they had a great time!!! We also took our coach to the Portland Zoo, Bowling, Seattle and they went to Mt. St. Helens. By the end of the week my twins were in tears they didn't want dayle to go. :( I have to tell you I was too.They come to be apart of your family it's just sad when they leave. But, the next week we got to meet him and the other coaches for lunch before they left to there next camp. I was very happy to get a phone call last wednesday from our coach dayle wanting to know if he and two other coaches could come stay the night with us before heading to Seattle Washington. Of course we" said yes." Thank you boys for coming into our live. We will always remember you guys!!!! We look forward to next year to host you again. It was an AMAZING experience to host these boys. Thanks again for an Awesome Experience!!!!!


Heather, Jason, Tristin & Justin


Lewis and Matt were the best - they were such a wonderful addition to our family. We miss them!
Thank you for the privilege of hosting such positive influences for my children (and I have lots of them). They were helpful around the house and never a bother. Camp was great, hosting the coaches a blessing.

Donna, Palos Verdes, CA

It was our pleasure hosting both Ben & Michael. They were very polite and warmed up well to the family. My daughter's loved having new friends to follow around. We will definitely consider again next summer.

Trina, Palos Verdes, CA


Yes, Owen was awesome - we truly enjoyed having him stay with us and we look forward to meeting a new coach next year! Thanks so much, we really had a great time with Owen.

Julie, Costa Mesa, CA



It was another great experience and we appreciate the opportunity to host. We will be available again next summer.


David, Mission Viejo, CA



It was such a pleasure and our family just fell in love with Sturge. We would definitely host again so please feel free to contact me next year. If Sturge returns we would welcome him back.

I believe my husband received the survey so I'll make sure he completes it. Nothing but positive things to say!


Tonya, Aliso Viejo, CA


We really enjoyed having Ross Szabo. What a great kid! We would love to have him back.


Peggy, San Juan Capistrano, CA



The house feels particularly empty now that Ciaran and Jordan are not here. Hosting them was an amazing experience and we look forward to hosting more UK AYSO coaches in the future.

Regards, Min-Min, Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach, CA




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