UK International Soccer

"The Inspire Curriculum teaches children to believe and achieve! Our specially trained coaching staff help your child to improve as a soccer player, intrinsically develop a belief in themselves and help them to achieve their goals off the field" Gary Gamble, UKIS - CEO.

Believe & Achieve

At each stage our coaches create the environment that allows
children to learn and progress through the process.
Culminating in your child being Inspired!

  • 1. Social Safety

  • 2. Friendship

  • 3. Belonging

  • 4. Social Esteem

5. Become Inspired

The Child


The Family

  • The camp went great! Not only that, but when Kent told the kids on Friday that this was the end, he was greeted by a resounding, unanimous “One More Week!, One More Week!” from all the campers. Obviously they really enjoyed the camp and the coaches. They were truly terrific. The coaches did a fantastic job, as always!

    Guy, Tucson, AZ
  • I cannot say enough great things about UKIS coaches. They were fabulous, fun, and effective.

    Dana Vohs and family, Kansas City, KS
  • I want to let you know how wonderful your Soccer Camp Program was. My son Mitchell is 7 and went into the camp with a passive attitude about soccer. Now that camp is over he has a fire inside him and can’t wait for our regular AYSO season to start. The two coaches, Max and Patti were awesome. They were both so great with the kids, kept the group focused, made sure everyone played fair and everyone had fun.

    Kim Hemmer, Mason, NH
  • Thanks to UKIS & AYSO Soccer Camps for helping deliver our U12 Coach Training. It was by far the most successful coach training that we have had in our region for as long as I have been involved in West Chicago AYSO. We are excited about the high quality of the training and the expectations that it brings for our spring season.

    Tom Solon, Chicago, IL
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