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Host Our Professional Coaches, Working On Soccer Programs In Your Community

We would like to extend this invitation to all families, and allow you the opportunity to be a part of a fantastic cultural experience. Hosting one of our Soccer Coaches allows you and your family to learn all about another culture, whilst also having a live-in specialist to enhance your soccer education. And for the Coach, they get to enjoy and appreciate a real American lifestyle. It is a fantastic cultural exchange program and the differences of our language and backgrounds, combined with the love of soccer, ensure a memorable time with long lasting friendships.

In terms of the current climate, we want to assure you that all of our Coaches have been in the US for a number of months and have had a clean bill of health throughout. For the duration of the COVID-19 situation, they have always followed the strictest of Social Distancing procedures, for both their own safety and also, for the families they have been staying with.

UK International Soccer coaches are selected for their knowledge, coaching ability and commitment to create a fun, positive and safe learning environment for all children.

All of our Coaches are professional soccer educators, with the ability to motivate and work with youth players. All of our coaches have been professionally screened and background checked.

Each coach has graduated from our practical assessments and educational seminars which instills our key values of safety, professionalism, education, fun and community relations.

Our Coaches Are...

√ Certified and trained Soccer Coaches
√ Professionally screened and background checked
√ Experienced and skilled demonstrators
√ Positive role models
√ Committed to child development
√ Passionate soccer enthusiasts
√ Safe Haven certified
√ CDC Concussion certified

Examples of Our Coaches
Interested in hosting a Coach but have questions?


    How long do coaches stay for?

    Depending on the season, we are looking for families to either host our coaches for one week in the summer, or multiple weeks in the spring/fall.

    What are the ages of the coaches?

    Our coaches are generally between the ages of 19 to 30 years.

    Can we request a male or female coach?

    Yes, we try to accommodate your needs where possible.

    Can we host more than one coach?

    Yes, however we do like to make sure that every family who would like to host gets the opportunity.

    What do I need to provide the coach with?

    Each coach will need a bed, access to a shower and laundry facilities. While these are the basic needs, host families can offer much more, such as the use of their computers for email access and to join the family for meals.

    What transport do the coaches need?

    None, each group of coaches working on the camp in your area will have their own transport or access to group transport. Due to insurance purposes coaches are not allowed to provide transport for any players to and from camp, or drive other vehicles not insured by our organization.

    Do I need to entertain the coaches?

    No, but you certainly have the option to include them in family activities or even sightseeing trips. Coaches really do appreciate getting a locals tour of the area but any social events are not a necessity. The coach's first priority is to work, therefore all social activities must be scheduled around the soccer program.

    How are your coaches vetted?

    Our coaches have all gone through a strict interview process, a police background check and completed our extensive orientation. Each coach is also Safe Haven certified.

    Are there any guidelines the coaches have to follow?

    We pride ourselves on the behavior and integrity of our coaches. Our coaches have signed our code of conduct and fully understand that if you have any specific rules and regulations they must be adhered to.

    When would I find out which coach will be staying with us?

    Host families usually find out who their assigned coach is on the Sunday before camp. Your Regional Director will be able to give you a list of coach names before the program if it's your preference to have an idea who you will host, but generally the Camp Director determines which coach goes with which family, unless an agreement has been made due to special requirements.

    If I have any concerns during the week, is there anyone I can call?

    Yes! You would simply contact your Regional Director, or our office at (855) UK SOCCER

    • The camp went great! Not only that, but when Kent told the kids on Friday that this was the end, he was greeted by a resounding, unanimous “One More Week!, One More Week!” from all the campers. Obviously they really enjoyed the camp and the coaches. They were truly terrific. The coaches did a fantastic job, as always!

      Guy, Tucson, AZ
    • I cannot say enough great things about UKIS coaches. They were fabulous, fun, and effective.

      Dana Vohs and family, Kansas City, KS
    • My kids loved going to camp everyday. Ally made it really fun for Jaxon and he was excited to go. He learned new dribbling techniques and skills that he is excited to try out with his team. Ally had a great personality and made each day a new drill. Thanks for finding great coaches.

      Michelle Winward, UT
    • The camp was organized and structured yet so much fun! James had my 5 year olds team and kept their attention the duration of the camp! He is AMAZING with the little ones. Ryan did a great job of teaching mechanics and fundamentals to our daughter! They set a great example of character and sportsmanship!

      Cordelia Marzak
    • He was fantastic with the kids. Taught my son how to turn negative feelings into useful soccer skills & tools. Always had time to hang out and answer questions or help campers. Showed up everyday with a positive attitude, smile on his face, showed patience and kindness.

      Aileen Eveleth, CA
    • When we heard about the Virtual uksoccer camp we jumped at the chance. Players are engaged, learning new skills and cycling through the skills so they get repeated exposure. The coaches at UKIS are absolutely fabulous in making sure students are recognized for improvements & they are also able to help students improve their skills, all through Zoom.

      Casey Killett, 8th Grade Teacher
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