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Who We Are Looking For?

We are recruiting qualified coaches who have experience coaching football and working with children and adults. Applicants must be 18/19 years or older and have a recognized soccer coaching qualification equivalent
to an FA Level 1, USSF E or above.

Successful applicants will be placed in a location that is best suited to their experience,
qualifications, and company requirements. Learn more…join one of our FREE webinars, click here.



  • Must be 18/19 years older
  • Certified with a recognized soccer qualification, equivalent to a FA Level 1, USSF E, or higher
  • Experience of coaching children
  • Having a driving license is advantageous
Opportunities Available


Education Course


Education Course


4 Months


Paid Internship


Part Time Work


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Camps & Programs


Transport & Wages




& Equipment
Assessment Days

All new coaches must attend one of our recruitment assessment days.

Register your interest in attending one of our dates located throughout the country.

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Signing up to our early-bird email list will guarantee that you will never miss out on knowing when and how you can save money on our programs, camps, and more!

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    Who We Are

    Established in 1990, UK International Soccer is one of the largest providers of football education in the USA. We work in partnership with AYSO (American Youth Soccer Association), SAY (Soccer Association for Youth), various MLS teams, The Coaching Manual and STA Travel.​

    Can I Gain Coach Education?

    Coaches can participate in UK International Soccer's ongoing coach certification classes which allows both continued professional development opportunities while in the USA and the ability to progress to the next UKIS coaching level.

    Where Do Coaches Live?

    Accommodation and transportation will be provided once in the USA. Our coaches typically live with host families and enjoy experiencing the American culture and way of life. In some locations coaches may share rented apartments. If UKIS can not find you a host family or a coaches apartment then we will put you up in a Hotel or Motel for any work purposes.

    (Not applicable to most US based coaches)

    Do Coaches Have Transportation?

    Rental cars / transport is provided to coaches and are usually shared between 3 or 4 coaches. Gas cards are also provided to cover all business miles.

    (Not applicable to most US based coaches)

    How Many Hours Will Coach work?

    During the spring and autumn a coach can expect to work around 15-20 hours per week on average. During the summer camp season this can be between 18-33 hours per week depending on whether a coach is working a half or a full day camp and a 2 hour clinic on a Thursday evening.

    Are There Any Career Pathways?

    Our educational courses and general coaching opportunities will provide you with an amazing experience that will open doors to a variety of potential careers within the sport.

    Examples include community manager, academy coach or skills coach at a professional club, social inclusion officer, women's and girls officer at a professional football club, football development officer, club coach, football in the community coach, or sports development officer.

    What Are The Coach Wages?

    First year coaches working camps in the spring and summer will receive $185 - $350 per week depending on qualifications and the number of hours worked. Wages can increase as high as $335 - $550 per week pending qualifications and years with UKIS.

    In the spring and autumn first year coaches will have a starting wage of between $15 - $18 per hour dependent on their football coaching qualifications. Wages can increase as high as $25 per hour pending qualifications and years with UKIS.

    (May vary for US based coaches)

    Do I Need Any Background Checks?

    Every coach must possess an acceptable DBS or ACPO background check issued within the last six months and submit it to obtain a visa.

    US based staff must complete a background check before they are cleared to work.

    What Do Coaches Do About Flights Over To The USA?

    Flights are typically the coaches responsibility, pending visa type. With our partnership with STA travel you can get amazing prices and flexible tickets on flights.

    (Not applicable to US based coaches)

    Do Coaches Have Insurance?

    Our company insurance fully covers coaches for travel, medical and work. Costs for first year coaches range £225 - £295 depending on the contract duration. Returning coaches pay less.

    This is the only money you pay to UK International Soccer and can be paid in installments. The duration of your contract will determine the amount of insurance you will need to pay.

    (Not applicable to US based coaches)

    How Do I Go About Getting A Visa?

    UK International will help you through each step of the visa process. To complete the process, you will be required to go to a US embassy for an interview before you are granted a visa.

    • The camp went great! Not only that, but when Kent told the kids on Friday that this was the end, he was greeted by a resounding, unanimous “One More Week!, One More Week!” from all the campers. Obviously they really enjoyed the camp and the coaches. They were truly terrific. The coaches did a fantastic job, as always!

      Guy, Tucson, AZ
    • I cannot say enough great things about UKIS coaches. They were fabulous, fun, and effective.

      Dana Vohs and family, Kansas City, KS
    • My kids loved going to camp everyday. Ally made it really fun for Jaxon and he was excited to go. He learned new dribbling techniques and skills that he is excited to try out with his team. Ally had a great personality and made each day a new drill. Thanks for finding great coaches.

      Michelle Winward, UT
    • The camp was organized and structured yet so much fun! James had my 5 year olds team and kept their attention the duration of the camp! He is AMAZING with the little ones. Ryan did a great job of teaching mechanics and fundamentals to our daughter! They set a great example of character and sportsmanship!

      Cordelia Marzak
    • He was fantastic with the kids. Taught my son how to turn negative feelings into useful soccer skills & tools. Always had time to hang out and answer questions or help campers. Showed up everyday with a positive attitude, smile on his face, showed patience and kindness.

      Aileen Eveleth, CA
    • When we heard about the Virtual uksoccer camp we jumped at the chance. Players are engaged, learning new skills and cycling through the skills so they get repeated exposure. The coaches at UKIS are absolutely fabulous in making sure students are recognized for improvements & they are also able to help students improve their skills, all through Zoom.

      Casey Killett, 8th Grade Teacher