UK International Soccer

Our fun games, story-based activities and competitions are designed to develop physical coordination, motor and sensory skills, along with a love of the game. The program places the fun back in the hands of the children through our organic, free flowing and creative activities.

This program is designed for younger players from 4-7 years of age and typically takes place on a Thursday evenings for 2 hours. The format will vary depending on the ages and ability levels of the children.

  • Fun games and activities
  • Key motor skills
  • Teamwork
  • Physical activity
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Active and healthy lifestyle
Coaching Staff

UK International Soccer coaches are selected for their knowledge, coaching ability and commitment to create a fun, positive learning environment for all children.

Our professional coaches are certified soccer educators with the ability to motivate and work with young children. All of our coaches have been professionally screened and background checked.

Each coach has graduated from our practical assessments and educational seminars which instills our key values of safety, professionalism, education, fun and community relations.

Our staff are:

Certified and trained coaches from the UK, Europe, South America and USA
Professionally screened and background checked
and skilled demonstrators
Positive role models
Committed to child development
soccer enthusiasts
Safe Haven certified
CDC Concussion certified

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Are the coaches certified?

Yes, all coaches hold either International or US qualifications and have experience working with children.

My child has never played soccer before, so will your clinic be suitable?

Yes, our clinics cater for all ages and ability levels including players that are new to the game.

How is your clinic structured?

We focus on fun games and activities based on the child’s age and ability level. The clinic typically takes place on a Thursday afternoon for 2 hours.

What equipment does my child require and what if we don’t have the correct items?

Your child should bring a ball and shinguards to participate in clinic activities. Cleats are not a necessity.

How should my child dress for the clinic?

We recommend children wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks, shinguards and cleats. Alternative footwear is okay if you do not have soccer cleats, but no baseball or football cleats.

What should my child bring to the clinic?

Apart from shinguards, a ball, soccer attire and appropriate footwear, we recommend each child bring plenty of water, sun protection (sun tan lotion, hat, etc) and a snack

Do you provide water?

We do not typically provide water at our clinics therefore children must bring their own.

Do I need to provide a snack?

We recommend that children bring a light snack.

Is there shade provided at the camp?

We will do our best to ensure your child has access to shade where feasible. If there is no natural shade we will try and have the organization we work with set up a shaded area.

Am I required to stay at the clinic?

It’s flexible whether you stay at the clinic or not.
If you decide to leave, we ask that you return to sign out your child from their coach at the end of the clinic.

Can my child register for your clinic even if we are not attending a camp?

Yes, you can register separately for any of our clinics.

What if my child needs to go to the bathroom?

The coach will either take the whole group or those children that need to go, with the remainder of the group being supervised by another coach.

Can we register for a clinic the weekend prior or just show up on the day of the clinic?

Our clinics allow sign ups over the weekend prior to the program starting and most allow walk-ons, but cannot be guaranteed so we always recommend registering beforehand.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, just let us know and we can issue a refund.

What happens if there is bad weather or an act of god?

Should inclement weather or acts of god affect the clinic we will issue a refund.

What if my child has to leave the clinic due to injury or illness?

Let us know and we will issue a refund.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

No, this is only available for the camp programs. However, you can receive a free clinic through our ‘refer a friend’ program. Contact our office for more details.

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